In March 2019 a partnership was established between the Pietragalla Project and the Italian company effenove s.r.l.s., headquartered in Potenza. The company directs their creative and productive efforts towards the production of visual products (video, movies, documentaries, 3D models and scans) destined to the dissemination of knowledge, with the objective to make enjoyable to the general public the material and immaterial cultural heritage.

As the Pietragalla Project provided the scientific axes and structure, the partnership with the effenove granted a highly professional approach and production of digital and virtual media, embodied by the demo of the Pietragalla Project VR Experience. This virtual reality experience is unique product of promotion and dissemination, which focuses on archaeology itself instead of the finds and results of it, plunging end-users into the history of the research of Monte Torretta di Pietragalla.

The aspiration was to build a thematic virtual journey in which could be presented a specific set of information that rarely reaches out. The emplacement of the site, the history of the research and the latest field operations and many more subjects are made enjoyable and entertaining to the general public through VR technology. Moreover, with digital and virtual projections is possible to test and falsify different scientific hypothesis and, through 3D modelling of now disappeared remains, proposing the more plausible reconstruction of the investigated architecture based on scientific interpretation, eventually placing them within the grasp of the end-users with the VR experience.

Get ready to experience Monte Torretta in Virtual Reality!